Enterprise activities complex support

Full range of office staff management. Staff evaluation, selection and
training. Personnel documentation maintenance, employment contracts
development, employer-employee contract review.

Personnel evaluation:

• Assess the adequacy of management self-image.
• Assess the competence of the management with the research, opinions
of subordinates, peers and management.
• Conduct a comparative analysis of company executives, to identify
the most promising and successful managers.
• Identify problem areas that require development of individual
managers and company in general.
• Construct a development plan for every member of the staff.

Evaluation stages:
• Outlying the competencies that would liked to be assessed in a given person.
• Questionnaires development: self-image assessment form, efficiency
survey forms for management and subordinates, colleagues and clients
(if necessary).
• Allocating staff for the survey;
• Survey;
• Questionnaires processing and performance report presentation;

Comprehensive support of the company:
• Full range of legal and personnel related support.
• Full range of office records management.
• Maintenance and restoration of personnel documentation, development
of employment contracts, employer-employee contract review.

Corporate and personal effectiveness
Every business is only as effective as its employees, middle and top
managers are.

We can help you with the following:
– Increase self-organization and time management skills in general
– Educate on modern technology usage for efficient performance
management with the help of personal computers
– Improve the effectiveness of working relationships both within and
outside the organization
– Develop your communication skills and abilities: to listen,
persuade, influence others, prevent and resolve conflicts
– Learn to live without stress.

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