Cross-Cultural training for Business & Management

Public organisations and corporate operate now on a global scale. Рarticipating in a cross-cultural team, working with an overseas client, colleague or supplier, interaction with people from different cultures is now an everyday occurrence. Are organisations preparing their people to deal with the challenges of doing business internationally? Research has shown that providing cultural training to people who are tasked with working in an international environment can significantly reduce the risks inherent in this type of interaction.

The lack of cultural awareness preparation has many levels of impact – from an embarrassing moment to a breakdown in inter-company communication to a lost deal or accord. The price of inadequate cultural awareness is easily avoided by attending one of  culture training programmes.

Benefits of Cross Cultural Training

  • The three major benefits from attending the workshop include:
  • Improved cross-cultural meetings, decisions and implementation of actions;
  • Increased ability to communicate and work effectively with colleagues from other national, functional and company cultures;
  • Reduction in cross-cultural misunderstandings and subsequent costs and delay.

The workshop will be particularly beneficial for managers directly managing cross cultural teams or project groups, people who regularly travel to other countries on business, international team members or those with a boss or subordinate from another culture. Buying, selling, manufacturing, outsourcing and providing aid are just some of the ways that corporate organisations, international institutions and governments are doing business in different countries across the world. But doing business in another country offers its own unique set of challenges that must be overcome if your international venture is to be a success. Here at Communicaid we provide cultural training and consultancy on how to build profitable international relationships that reduce the risks involved in doing business overseas.

We specialise in a number of countries including China, India, Japan, Russia, the Middle East and much more!

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