• Cross Cultural

    Increased ability to communicate and work effectively with colleagues from other national, functional and company cultures

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Cross Cultural Training

Public organisations and corporate operate now on a global scale. Рarticipating in a cross-cultural team, working with an overseas client, colleague or supplier, interaction with people from different cultures is now an everyday occurrence

Business Consulting

Full range of office staff management. Staff evaluation, selection and
training. Personnel documentation maintenance, employment contracts
development, employer-employee contract review.

Legal Counseling

Knowledge of current legislation and the ability to apply it are essential tools for the development and protection of any business. Engaging our consultants will assist you in solving business problems, based on a comprehensive study of the situation and law enforcement.

Individual and Family Counseling

All families experience conflict. For some families, these conflicts come and go. They may even affect family members function at work, at school and also every day activity. Services of an experienced professional can help families to discuss and resolve the conflict in healthy ways.


Valleni Consulting

One partner

you cooperate with one  trusted partner, but not with dozens of companies when it is difficult to choose the best


confidential, non-judgmental and unbiased atmosphere

Flexible planning

flexible planning sessions – weekday evening and weekend


available experts are all professionals