Personnel services

A full range of services for maintaining personnel records. Evaluation, selection and training of personnel, personnel documentation, development of employment contracts, registration of labor relations.

The task of staff evaluating:

Assess competence of the head by studying opinions of subordinates, colleagues and supervisors.

Assess the adequacy of self-leader by comparing its self-evaluation with other team members.

A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of company executives to identify the most promising and successful leaders.

Identify problem areas and areas of development of individual managers and the company as a whole.

To plan the development of every member of a team.


Stages of work during the assessment:

Discussion of competencies which we would like to assess,  their display in a particular activities of leaders.

Drafting questionnaires for the survey: the self-assessment form, survey forms of  superiors, subordinates, colleagues, clients (if necessary).

Selection of staff for questioning among subordinates, colleagues and managers of the testing  manager;

Questioning of employees;

Processing profiles and report on performance;

The evaluation results of 360 degrees:

  • On the basis of public opinion the following competencies can be identified:


ability to organize the work of the unit;

leadership qualities;


ability to collaborate;

communication skills;


ability to delegate authority;

ability to motivate subordinates;

……. as well as other competences on request.

2) Report on the effectiveness of some managers and general trends in the company’s management;

3) Recommendations  to a testing  superior with the designation of the strengths and weaknesses based on public opinion;

4) A summary of the results, conclusions and recommendations;

5) Preparation of comparative ranking of executives based of evaluation of  subordinates and colleagues;

6) Ranking of  the leaders based on the average performance indicators;

7) Guidelines for drafting group of reserve, further evaluation of managers.

Complex support of the firm:

Full range of legal and personnel support.

A full range of services for maintaining personnel records.

Maintenance and restoration of personnel documentation, development of labor contracts, registration of labor relations.

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