Legal Counseling

Knowledge of current legislation and the ability to apply it are essential tools for the development and protection of any business. Engaging our consultants will assist you in solving business problems, based on a comprehensive study of the situation and law enforcement.

Provided areas of legal assistance:

family law

inheritance law

property law

commercial law

civil trial

administrative law, administrative procedure

executory process

bankruptcy proceedings

help to apartment associations

We offer the following services in the field of legal consultancy:

Legal information security and legal consulting business in

all areas

legal analysis of documents and support of real estate transactions

tax and financial consulting


A  list of services:

legal analysis and drafting of contracts, shareholder agreements and

corporate documents;

diagnostics and the development of the legal structure of the business;

representation and protection of interests in corporate conflict;

legal support during business meetings and negotiations;

examination of the employment relationship with the organization staff for compliance

labor law;

legal services;

verification of your legal advisers .

legal support of the client’s business ( from advice on the  paperwork  to analysis of

legal and tax implications of the transactions) ;

legal services in real estate

a full range of legal services in support of investment projects and real estate transactions

Integrated support of the company

Complex support of companies. Accounting services , full

range of services for legal and personnel support .

personnel services

A full range of services for maintaining personnel records . Maintaining and

recovery personnel documentation , development of labor contracts, registration of labor relations.

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